Market Trends Impacting the Jansan Industry

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By Laura Mahecha | March 5, 2017 << Back to Articles

Rising labor costs with minimum-wage increases are driving industrial and institutional (I&I) end-users to cut back on costs, which includes less spending on cleaning chemicals and/or reduced frequency of performing certain cleaning tasks. There is also some growth in private-label cleaning chemicals as end-users seek low prices and value from their jansan chemicals. There are cycles of outsourcing and doing work in-house among end-users, such as office buildings and industrial parks. With economic recovery underway, there will be more outsourcing of commercial cleaning to building service contractors (BSCs).

The improved economy also leads to better occupancy rates within office buildings, which creates more customers for BSCs. At the same time, end-users in the education sector are still operating under heavy budget constraints, and health care end-users generally have higher budgets because disinfection and sanitizing are paramount in this setting.  

In general, I&I end-users are seeking:

  • Efficient cleaning chemicals
  • Sustainable and green products that promote worker safety
  • Products that clean effectively with a wide range of uses
  • Floor care products that allow for fewer maintenance tasks, such as floor stripping.

Other trends include more use of liquid concentrates and ultra-concentrated cleaning chemicals, which help end-users save money. In terms of where end-users are buying I&I chemicals, the office supply channel continues to grow and steal share from distributors. Distributors are diversifying their product offering to compete and offer end-users one-stop-shopping convenience. Pure jansan distributors are contracting, and many are expanding the types of products offered in order to remain competitive.

These and other critical factors affecting the U.S. jansan market will be analyzed in Kline’s I&I Cleaning practice’s most comprehensive research program, Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities. Based on more than 1,000 structured interviews with end-users and 70 unstructured interviews with suppliers, distributors, and trade associations, this report will provide the most detailed market analysis and assessment of business opportunities available.

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