National Cleaning Week

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By Stacy J. Seiden | March 20, 2020 << Back to Articles National Cleaning Week

Did you know there is a week dedicated to honoring the cleaning industry? The fourth week of March is that week.

This year it falls on March 22-28, 2020. ISSA is taking an active role in promoting the week and offering opportunities for our members to participate in this national recognition of the cleaning industry and its workers, promoting the value of clean to the public.

What is National Cleaning Week?

National Cleaning Week celebrates the value of clean and the important and positive impact cleaning has on public health, the environment, and our economy.

ISSA has conducted research on how regular and proper cleaning in offices, retail spaces, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and homes can result in significant public health and economic benefits. For example, a clean work environment results in a 2-8% gain in worker productivity and customers strongly prefer to patronize restaurants and stores that are clean.

There also are more than 800,000 businesses in the cleaning service industry employing 3.5 million workers to keep the places where we work, shop, dine, and live clean.

As the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA believes it’s important to take an active role in promoting the value of clean, advocating on behalf of the industry at the federal and state levels, providing education and training, and raising the profile of the cleaning industry. Together, we can help change the way the world views cleaning by coming together and telling each of our stories during National Cleaning Week.

How can you participate?

ISSA has created a number of opportunities—both in substantial ways or more modest—for you to get involved in National Cleaning Week. These include:

  • Share on social media this graphic (available for downloading at along with your stories about the value of clean and how you’re celebrating #NationalCleaningWeek.
  • Enhance your career and business through specialized ISSA training. During National Cleaning Week, you can use promo code CMI50 for $50 off U.S.-based Cleaning Management Institute events.
  • Tell your customers about National Cleaning Week and the value of clean.
  • Give back and support your ISSA Charities at Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way in allowing us to clean the homes of cancer patients, advance women in the cleaning industry, and support the future of clean through scholarships and company internships.

Get involved in ISSA advocacy

So much of the cleaning industry, and your business’ bottom line, is impacted by regulations and legislation. For example, the recent proliferation of tariffs, the growing public demand for transparency related to cleaning product ingredients, and labor policies are just a few of the public policy issues affecting the industry today.

Members like you need to make your voice heard on the public policy issues affecting your business. After all, no one can be more persuasive in sharing a personal story about how a proposed piece of legislation or regulation will impact your organization than you. Additionally, participating in our democratic process is one of the most exciting and fulfilling endeavors you can do for your profession. National Cleaning Week is a great opportunity and springboard to get involved.

Another great way is to become an ISSA “Advocate for Clean” and receive ISSA advocacy updates so you can be the first to hear about pressing legislation, compliance deadlines, advocacy events, training, as well as easily contact your elected officials on the critical federal and state issues for the industry. You can sign-up to be an “Advocate for Clean” at

For more information about National Cleaning Week, visit and/or contact me at [email protected], 800-225-4772. And thank you to those ISSA members who have already been in touch with me earlier this year to submit a proclamation to designate an official week of cleaning on March 22-28 for your state.

About the Author.

Stacy J. Seiden is the government affairs coordinator for ISSA. Please contact her at [email protected] for questions about National Cleaning Week and any other ISSA advocacy-related questions you may have.