Nordic Update: Region Moving towards RFC

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By Petri Rekola | November 9, 2018 << Back to Articles

Residue Free Cleaning (RFC) has become the hottest topic in the Nordic region.

Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, is currently conducting a two-year study into how cleaning chemicals evaporation is affecting indoor air quality. But what is so-called Residue Free Cleaning? It is an example of the process of combining pure or treated water, mixed with other chemical free substances like bacteria, with a high quality ultra-microfiber cloth. This technique can be used for mop cleaning of flat surfaces as well as floor mopping.

Some Nordic companies have already conducted several field and laboratory tests using RFC, which have shown success in dirt and bacteria removal.

Although this trend is growing in the Nordic region, it will not fully replace chemical cleaning. Yet, my personal vision is that the majority of general flat-surface cleaning will be done by RFC in the future.

About the Author.

Petri Rekola is a member of the ISSA European Council representing the Nordic region.