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By ISSA Staff | August 7, 2020 << Back to Articles Nyco Products Company

The event of the century—the COVID-19 pandemic—has changed the cleaning industry forever. The importance of cleaning, disinfecting, and handwashing has been heightened in the entire world. Right now, custodians, housekeepers, cleaning services, and the entire cleaning industry are the “first line of defense” in the war on this virus. Our role in helping prevent the spread of disease and germs is now more critical than ever.

With this in mind, choosing the right cleaning chemicals supplier is an important decision. This is where Nyco Products Company enters the picture. Why? Because another century milestone is also happening at this time. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary for Nyco. As a family-owned company, Nyco has had 100 years of experience building better brands with their longevity, leadership, and premium quality products.

A century of service

Nyhan Company (“Nyco”) was founded in 1920 in Chicago, Illinois by Vince B. Nyhan, first selling Chippewa bottled water and then Beck Powdered Cleaner. The company has grown, changed, and expanded over 100 years to be the business it is today. A few of the highlights during the past century include:

1964—Robert “Bob” Stahurski joined Nyco and began to develop cleaning formulations for the janitorial market.

1979—Nyco entered the redistribution market as a Continental Manufacturing (now Continental Commercial Products) master janitorial distributor.

1985—employees including Bob Stahurski Sr., Bob Houston, and Jim Shea purchased Nyco.

1993—Nyco became a key player in the janitorial supply industry as Nyco’s president Bob Stahurski Jr. was elected president of the Sanitary Suppliers Wholesalers Association (SSWA).

2004—Nyco partners with four other national chemical manufacturers to form the ChemBlend International (CBI) alliance.

2005—The first five Nyco Green Seal™ certified products were introduced under the e.Logical brand at the 2005 ISSA Show in Las Vegas.

2009—Bob Stahurski Jr. was elected president of ISSA.

2010—Nyco creates the Building Better Brands® process to help customers strategically grow their business.

2018—50-year anniversary of membership in the ISSA.

2019—Nyco named a new president. John Wunderlich took over for Bob Stahurski Jr., who remains active in the company as CEO/chairman of the board of directors.

2020—Nyco celebrates 100 years in business!

Nyco has a century of experience innovating premier cleaning products and solutions for a variety of industries and markets including building and facilities maintenance, janitorial cleaning, industrial cleaning, food processing, health care, and education. Nyco manufactures cleaning chemicals for nearly every application. Their line of high-performance cleaning solutions range from cleaning for health and safety programs to heavy-duty industrial equipment and parts washing, and includes over 450 stock and custom formulations.

Continued advancement

As times are always changing, Nyco has made major shifts over the years to continue to stay relevant in the industry.

Nyco has helped create influential growth opportunities for distributors with their Building Better Brands® private chemical branding program. “The Nyco Building Better Brands strategy is an outgrowth of our founding principles of working with, listening to, and focusing on helping customers grow their business in the markets they serve. Building Better Brands is more than a slogan; it is our culture and a part of everything we do to help our distributor partners grow,” says Nyco president John Wunderlich.

As always, Nyco continues to look toward the future, while being receptive to industry challenges and regulatory changes. Innovating new formulations, as well as providing expert guidance in regulatory compliance, have been critical factors in the growth of their customers. Wunderlich’s feelings are: “When our customers grow, we grow.

“We have also grown our business,” says Wunderlich, “through offering savvy professional branding services, new technology, flexible packaging options, and outstanding marketing tools for customers.”

With the rise of online/big-box players and mergers happening around them, Nyco has continued to thrive in the face of change.

“We are partners with our customers, many of whom are among the biggest and best distributors in the cleaning industry,” states Wunderlich. “Because we listen to them and respond to their needs as they grow and transform, we often have the opportunity to become a key supplier in the case of a merger. We also continue to grow our business geographically by adding strategic national distribution partners.”

Building the team

Nyco continues to attract the very best employees, including younger workers, by providing them the opportunity to be part of a team where they know they can fit in and make a positive impact.

“Consistent communication and opportunities for advancement are important in hiring and retaining the best people available,” says Wunderlich. Nyco has developed a set of core values that are critical in their evaluation process. These core values create an environment that is attractive to both prospective hires and current employees, young and old.

ISSA and Nyco

Nyco has been a member of ISSA for more than 50 years (since 1968). “Over those years the leadership and expert resources of ISSA have been a significant contributor to our company’s continuing education, marketing efforts (through ISSA Today and, strategic partnerships, and business growth,” says Wunderlich.

Nyco’s involvement with ISSA has been more than just as a member. Nyco CEO, Bob Stahurski Jr., has served on the ISSA board of directors during the 1990s and 2000s in various roles, such as district director, treasurer, and even president of ISSA in 2009.

Wunderlich also claims that “the ISSA show has been a valuable venue for establishing and nurturing high-level contacts with existing customers as well as prospective customers. The seminar series is an excellent way for us to educate new employees as well as continuing education for current Nyco employees. And of course, the exposure to emerging industry technologies and trends is also extremely valuable.”

Adding to that, Wunderlich gives this advice: “Explore and utilize the vast resources that ISSA offers its members. In today’s ever-changing world, the importance of ISSA as a central point for resources, regulatory expertise, and industry education is vital.”

The next 100 years

What do the next 100 years hold for Nyco?

With the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic “we see new disinfectant technology, new dispensing technologies, and a re-emergence of resource conservation as some of the potential emerging future trends,” says Wunderlich.

In the meantime, Nyco will continue listening to their customers regarding challenges that they face keeping facilities safe, clean, and healthy. “Through those conversations, we intend to bring to market products and solutions to meet those needs.”

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