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Period Positive Workplace See Positive Impact on Employees

On May 28, 2023, the Period Positive Workplace (PPW) Initiative was launched. This worldwide program encourages workspaces and facilities to provide access to menstrual products for employees. To date PPW has recruited 173 Period Positive Workplaces across 40 countries.

On June 10, Days for Girls (DfG) released a report of the impact seen by these workplaces. Data from managers in these workspaces shows “87% noticed the initiative had improved employee satisfaction, and 75% noticed the initiative had improved public perception of their organization.”

While the managers noticed significant changes in productivity, it wasn’t always easy for their employees. Before PPW, “over half had experienced productivity challenges at work due to menstruation. Meanwhile, 73% agreed that their and/or their colleagues’ experience managing menstruation at work had improved since their employer became a Period Positive Workplace.”

Recent data from PPW Impact surveys also shows that workplaces as a part of this initiative are seeing “reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and higher collaboration among employees who menstruate.” These results show a major turnaround compared to workplaces with insufficient resources who are facing adverse effects such as higher retention rates, absenteeism, and gender inequality.

This survey shows that having a period positive workplace boosts employee productivity, morale, and is necessary to overcome the stigma associated with menstruation in a professional setting. ISSA is proud to be a member of the coalition and currently sits on its Steering Committee to help support this initiative’s expansion.

ISSA’s support of initiatives such as this one is aimed at helping to  End Period Poverty and advocating for menstrual equity. Specifically, ISSA is offering ongoing surveys of facilities to analyze how period friendly these workplaces are. Please join ISSA in globalizing menstruation-friendly work environments and destigmatizing periods. For more information about ISSA’s End Period Poverty campaign, contact ISSA Government Affairs Intern Anaya Andre at [email protected].


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