Straight Talk: A Living Wage & the Cleaning Industry

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By Jeff Cross | February 16, 2022 << Back to Articles Straight Talk: A Living Wage & the Cleaning Industry

As anyone involved in the cleaning industry knows all too well, the contract cleaning industry is competitive and driven by price. For many organizations, the thought of paying higher wages means losing contracts or failing to land them in the first place. But not paying building service contractors (BSCs) enough to maintain their quality of life leads to worker turnover at a time when employers are struggling with a labor shortage.

In this episode of Straight Talk!, available in video and podcast format, Chris Arlen, a sales and marketing consultant for, teams up with Michelle Murray from nonprofit organization Living Wage for US to dig into the details of how employers can pay living wages in a way that benefits everyone involved—workers, employers, and even the surrounding communities. And it can be a competitive way to land more work and increase a company’s bottom line as business owners respond to request for proposals.

Watch or listen to the complete episode below to find out the ins and outs of navigate the nuances of a living wage program. You can also download an audio MP3 of the episode here



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