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By Jeff Cross | June 20, 2019 << Back to Articles

A key goal of ISSA is to advance clean and drive innovation. You can’t advance clean without the powerful impact of innovation. It’s a partnership.

More than 10 years ago, ISSA created a program to ensure the global cleaning industry knew what was available: The most advanced, cutting-edge, and innovative products emerging on the market. From cleaning agents, dispensers, equipment, services and technology, and supplies and accessories, the ISSA Innovation Award Program is the leader and authority in recognizing what ISSA member companies who exhibit at ISSA Show North America have to offer.

Want proof? Just come to Las Vegas on November 18-21 for the industry’s biggest and best show and check out booth #101. Over the past decade, the Innovation Award Program is one of the top three most active and trafficked booths during show hours. And it makes sense, because trade show attendees show up knowing that they will get the honest truth about what they need in their operations. This year, the Innovation Center is new and more engaging for the attendee to learn up close and personal what solutions can be addressed with these innovative products.

And if you can’t attend the show in person and visit a very busy and valuable booth, you still have an obligation to the industry. Do your part and vote online. You can submit one vote per product category, and you have from August 1 until November 15 to cast your vote. Visit beginning August 1 and start making a difference. 

What’s cool is that in addition to online voting, a panel of judges selected from all areas of the cleaning industry will choose the highly touted Innovation of the Year award. Come to ISSA Show North America 2019 in Las Vegas and you can see it all unveiled right before your eyes.

Program management

ISSA Show North America is huge and when it occurs each year, virtually all ISSA staff pack their suitcases and spend nearly a week on the event.

The Innovation Award program falls under the management and close scrutiny of Allison Hill, our trade show operations coordinator. She works with Kim Althoff, vice president of sales, trade shows, and publications.

“The ISSA Innovation Program is one of the busiest places on the show floor. Attendees love to come and look at all the new products that are coming out in the industry,” Hill said. “This is my second year running it and I can’t wait to see how many innovative products voters have to select from.”

Althoff added: “We are very impressed with the technology and innovation in our industry and how this program showcases the products and technology and the number one reason attendees come to the show. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!”

Last year, the top honor went to Hydro Systems, with the EvoClean dispenser. John Goetz is a global product manager with the company and is proud of how the ISSA Innovation Award program helps validate what the company does. “It’s one thing to claim innovation as a core value, but to be recognized by our peers and our customers in a competition not based on just a popular vote—but an objective measure—was extremely motivating for our internal teams.”

Well, now what?

You can see the companies listed on the previous page that are ready for action. There will be more. If you are a manufacturer, visit to be part of this. And to stay on top of innovation news, opt in to the new Innovation Insights newsletter by emailing [email protected]

About the Author.

Jeff Cross is the ISSA Media Director. He can be reached at [email protected].