Touchdown! Greener Clean just scored at the Georgia Dome!

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By Patricia Ellis | April 4, 2016 << Back to Articles

Sports arenas are places where folks go to listen to live music performances and mostly to watch their favorite team hammer their opponent. Within that arena lurks the master of all germs. That is why ISSA has teamed up with Green Sports Alliance (GSA) to help get the word out to these facilities on how they improve health and reduce the environmental impact when it comes to cleaning.

Going green is on a fast track around the country. Folks want to know how they can reduce health risks and remain environmental safe. ISSA and GSA have created a playbook that will guarantee points when it comes to sanitary playing surfaces, cleaner air, and overall environmental health.

Join our ISSA team and GSA for the Atlanta Greener Cleaning Workshop, April 13, 2016, at the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta, GA. However, the game line-up does not stop there, look for an additional five spectacular regional conferences to follow at one of your favorite arena’s, which includes St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Reporting live for Today at ISSA, I am Patti!

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