ACI Unveils New Sustainable Packaging Strategy

March 16, 2021

The American Cleaning Institution (ACI) is encouraging all cleaning product manufacturers to switch to sustainable packaging. As part of this green initiative, the ACI announced a new sustainable packaging road map for the cleaning product supply chain to prove its commitment to a more circular economy, Recycling Today reports.

The roadmap shows how manufacturers can reach their sustainability goals by ensuring all their packaging is recyclable or reusable, reducing virgin material use and increasing postconsumer recycled or renewably sourced content.

 “Getting there will take creativity, innovation and collaboration inside and outside the industry,” said Melissa Grande, ACI director of sustainability.

ACI’s roadmap for achieving its circular packaging ambition includes:

  • Pushing stakeholders to design cleaning product packaging for reuse or recycling by 2025
  • Advocating for the industry to embrace the technologies for this new packaging by 2030
  • Working with external stakeholders to eliminate all cleaning product packaging waste by 2040.

Learn more about ACI’s circular packaging goals.