Boost Your Facility’s Image With This Month’s Free CMM Restroom Webinar

August 3, 2022 Boost Your Facility’s Image With This Month’s Free CMM Restroom Webinar

To create a good impression of your facility, a great place to start is with its restrooms. Your building’s restrooms are a reflection of your facility as a whole.

What do your restrooms convey about your facility? Are they poorly stocked, dirty, and uninviting? Or are they well-stocked, clean, and comfortable? And what can you do to improve the impression they make on your visitors and occupants?

To find out, join CMM’s free webinar Flushed with Pride: Creating Restrooms that Improve Facility Imagestarting at 11:00 ET/Noon CT on Wednesday, August 24.

During this hour-long webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Technologies for smart/connected/touch-free restrooms
  • Workloading to ensure consumables are always available
  • Best practices for common trouble areas and eliminating odors
  • How to deal with restroom cleaning challenges and complaints
  • Processes and procedures for better productivity
  • Staffing and retention best practices
  • How to handle high-traffic situations with cleaning and re-stocking
  • The ongoing pandemic concerns and issues with safe and inviting public restrooms
  • Validation methods designed to establish cleaning results.

The webinar includes a special Q&A session with the expert panelists, so you’ll leave fully informed with all your questions answered. Come discover how your restrooms can send the right message!

This complimentary webinar is brought to you by Kaivac Inc. and SteraMist by TOMI Environmental Solutions. Register here.