Colgate-Palmolive Publishes Annual Sustainability Report

April 22, 2022 Colgate-Palmolive Publishes Annual Sustainability Report

Colgate-Palmolive Co. has released the company’s 2021 Sustainability & Social Impact Report.

The report highlights the company’s new climate action and net zero carbon transition, which saw a US$301 million investment in energy saving projects over the past decade. It also tracks Colgate-Palmolive’s pathway to reaching its 100% renewable energy target by 2030 and achieving net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain by 2040. Additionally, this year’s report spotlights the company’s enhancements to the framework of its environmental stewardship and social impact.

“At Colgate, we firmly believe that sustainability and social Impact go hand in hand. I am proud that our strategy prioritizes both sustainability and social impact initiatives so that we can empower communities across the globe to have brighter, healthier futures,” said Ann Tracy, Colgate chief sustainability officer. “By striving to make progress across our three key ambitions—driving social impact, helping millions of homes, and preserving our environment—we can make a positive impact on all people, their pets and our planet.”

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