Compass Group Enhances Partnership With AstraZeneca

March 30, 2023

Compass Group and multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca plc have established a new partnership for integrated facilities management focused on the workplace experience.

The agreement furthers Compass Group’s current scope of work to provide facility management and food services to all AstraZeneca properties in North America. Compass Group has served as a high-performing supplier for AstraZeneca for more than 15 years. The enhanced deal is based on the principles of a “vesting” contract model in which both parties are equally committed to each other’s success.

“We are committed to creating a unique and healthy workplace that enables productivity and innovation,” said Oliver Sach, Compass Group senior vice president. “This partnership is on the leading edge of workplace experience, showing that Integrated Facilities Management brings direct value to AstraZeneca and their employees. Compass Group’s hospitality and solutions-focused culture will ensure the vision of this Vested partnership becomes a reality.”

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