Compass Group Recruits Robots

July 6, 2021

Compass Group’s health care division, Medirest, is supplementing its cleaning staff with the introduction of 12 cleaning robots.

The robots, developed by Medirest’s partner Killis, will be deployed to several hospitals across the United Kingdom, supporting Medirest’s team of more than 3,000 human cleaners, Cleaning Hygiene Today reports. According to Compass, the robots will tackle some of the cleaning staff’s more repetitive tasks, freeing the workers to zero in on specific tasks like preventing cross-contamination.

“The pandemic has brought recognition for the amazing work our people do in helping to keep hospitals across the country clean,” said Steven Cenci, managing director for Compass Group in the United Kingdom and Ireland. “The introduction of the cleaning robots will further support this work, and we’re looking forward to introducing more with our partners over the coming months.”

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