Eagle Protect Launches Quality Verification Program for Disposable Gloves

December 12, 2022

Eagle Protect PBC has launched the Delta Zero™ quality verification program. a new standard to prevent the risk of contamination in the disposable glove industry.

Eagle Protect’s new guidelines are based off of the company’s multi-year microbial analysis of potential pathogenic personal protective equipment (PPE) contamination. Eagle Protect’s Delta Zero badge certifies its products have undergone third-party laboratory testing, passing a stringent set of standards that guarantees adherence to the highest level of consistency, safety, and performance.

“In the effort to mitigate glove contamination risks to multiple industries and glove users, we’ve spent the last few years refining our Delta Zero verification process,” said Steve Ardagh, Eagle Protect CEO. “It’s a proprietary, multi-layered, five-point testing process that ensures Eagle gloves strictly adhere to the industry’s highest level of safety and performance.”

About Eagle Protect
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