Effortless Hygiene With Brightwell’s Spray and Foam Cleaning Systems

May 23, 2024 Effortless Hygiene With Brightwell’s Spray and Foam Cleaning Systems

Easily maintain a pristine environment with Brightwell Dispensers Inc.’s range of spray and foam systems, offering efficient and precise chemical dilution and dispensing for industries with strict hygiene standards, ensuring optimal cleanliness, safety, and resource savings.

Brightwell’s range of systems provide a fast, efficient, and precise way to dilute and dispense chemicals for heavy-duty cleaning and disinfecting in industries with strict hygiene standards, such as commercial kitchens and food processing, supermarkets, agriculture and dairy, and healthcare.

The range includes hose-end portable systems to easily clean small spaces, spray cleaning stations with up to two chemicals plus rinsing for cleaning and disinfecting large areas, and a foam cleaning station for environments with the strictest hygiene standards.

The systems automatically dilute and dispense a controlled dosage of chemicals using a venturi system with metering tips to provide accurate and consistent dilution ratios, ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfecting.

Key benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Large surface areas can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, saving time.
  • Improved safety: After the dilution ratio is selected, the end user does not need to come in contact with the undiluted chemical.
  • Convenience: Designed for cleaning and disinfecting hard-to-reach areas such as ceilings, drains, and beneath equipment, making it effortless to maintain cleanliness even in challenging areas.
  • Improved hygiene: Brightwell’s systems ensure consistent cleaning results by evenly applying spray or foam across surfaces, effectively reducing the spread of germs and bacteria for a healthier environment.
  • Chemical savings: By precisely diluting chemicals, achieve optimal cleaning results while minimizing chemical usage and costs.
  • Reduction of water usage: Less water is needed during the cleaning process due to the targeted and controlled application of the spray or foam, reducing environmental impact.

EcoSprayer and EcoFoamer

The EcoSprayer and EcoFoamer are convenient hose-end systems that are perfect for cleaning small to medium-sized spaces. The ergonomically designed spray gun is easily activated with a locking trigger and push button release, making it simple to operate with minimal effort. The EcoSprayer features a stainless-steel nozzle with a flat jet spray, while the EcoFoamer combines air with the chemical and water to produce foam with widespread coverage.

EcoSpray Station

An efficient solution for cleaning and sanitizing larger areas, the EcoSpray Station is designed with durable polypropylene housing and highly chemical resistant components with the option to dispense one or two chemicals. The unit can be controlled at hose-end with several options for spray guns, all with locking triggers, for ergonomic operation. Built-in backflow prevention allows for safe operation.

EcoFoam Station

With the addition of compressed air, the EcoFoam Station offers the ability to clean large areas by applying a richer foam product from one or two chemicals at a precise dosage. The dispensing of foam provides a visual confirmation of where the cleaning product has been applied and helps ensure every area is treated. The durable stainless-steel housing is suitable for extreme environments.


Brightwell offers a selection of accessories to complement the spray and foam systems, including multiple spray gun options and spray lances for increased accuracy and reach. A foam wand attachment can be attached to the EcoSpray Station hose to create foam without needing compressed air.

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