Envoy Launches KleenLine Rebrand

August 2, 2022 Envoy Launches KleenLine Rebrand

Envoy Solutions has announced an expansion into new markets with the rebrand of its KleenLine division.

According to a press release, the rebrand is part of a national campaign and includes a refreshed look and category expansion. KleenLine will be available exclusively throughout Envoy Solutions’ family of companies and will expand its product portfolio to include sanitary paper, can liners, mopping systems, floor pads, and other solutions. KleenLine will also launch a new hand-hygiene system, with additional products being released in the coming months.

About Envoy Solutions
Formerly NW Synergy, Envoy Solutions is a holding company led by FEMSA and consisting of North American Corp, Waxie Sanitary Supply, Southeastern Paper Group (SEPG), and SWPlus. For more information, visit