HSC & Green Seal Release Standard for School Air Quality

March 3, 2022

The Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) and Green Seal® have announced a pilot Healthy Green Schools & Colleges certification standard to improve indoor air quality in educational facilities.

The publicly available pilot standard is designed to support facility managers in identifying and implementing low- or no-cost measures that make a significant difference in a school’s indoor air quality. According to a press release, the standard can be implemented district-wide or university-wide to ensure an organization-level commitment to standard operating procedures, resource distribution, and facility maintenance that supports the health of students, staff, and the environment.

Nine school districts and 10 colleges have already signed on as early adopters and will begin formally implementing the standard to provide data and advice on thresholds for certification levels. The full Healthy Green Schools & Colleges program, including self-assessment tools, educational resources, a peer network, and certification opportunities, will be available later this year.

“The pandemic has made creating healthy school environments an urgent national priority and brought to light the significant under-investment in school facilities nationwide,” said Doug Gatlin, Green Seal CEO. “This national standard fills a critical gap to provide schools with the resources and network to ensure a quality of school facility that every student in America deserves.”

More information on the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges standard and program can be found here.