Industry Loses Janitronics Founder

August 23, 2022 Industry Loses Janitronics Founder

James “Jim” Harris Sr., founder of Janitronics Inc., passed away August 21, 2022.

Harris was a longtime member of ISSA and a staunch supporter of the advancement of science-based cleaning. In 1972, Harris founded and launched Janitronics, an Albany, New York-based commercial cleaning company that in 50 years has become a leader in not only the region but in surrounding Northeastern states.

Harris will be remembered as an industry pioneer, instrumental to the launch of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI). He was a trainer who believed that anything from cleaning processes to products could be improved. He embraced the Team Cleaning® concept, developed by Pro Team Inc. founder Larry Shideler, and used that system of cleaning for his own company. He then began offering Team Cleaning seminars through his own training company, Concepts4™ Cleaning Consultants.

Harris had a vision of cleaning with science and spent his entire career working to help others and protect the health of his clients. Janitronics—a family business he ran with his son, Jim Harris Jr., as president—is focused on the same vision he had when he founded the company.

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