ISS Takes Action Against Food Waste

March 25, 2022 ISS Takes Action Against Food Waste

ISS announced the company’s food service division, ISS Guckenheimer, has partnered with food distribution and food recovery company Goodr.

The two organizations will work together to reduce food waste by diverting surplus food from corporate cafeterias and other dining venues to local charities. ISS Guckenheimer will implement Goodr’s tracking technology to adjust food preparation levels, scale ordering, and view donation trends. The software also provides waste diversion rates and measures the social and environmental impact of ISS’s donations.

“We’re extremely happy with the results so far with this program and our relationship with Goodr,” said Paul Fairhead, ISS Guckenheimer CEO. “We consider this program a triple win: we provide nutritious meals to people who need them, lower greenhouse emissions through diverted food that would otherwise end up in landfills, and reduce costs by analyzing data and making iterative improvements to offerings and purchases.”

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