ISSA Charities Awards 2022–2023 Scholarships

July 20, 2022 ISSA Charities Awards 2022–2023 Scholarships

ISSA Scholars, a signature ISSA Charities program – the charitable arm of ISSA, today announced the recipients of the ISSA Scholars 2022-2023 Scholarship Awards. The generous contributions of several individuals and ISSA member companies provided 54 scholarships to new and continuing college students totaling US$155,500 in financial aid.

“The past two years has presented hardships for us all, but we’re fortunate to be able to give back to those pursuing their dreams through higher education,” said Sandy Wolfrum, ISSA Charities Director of Development. “We’re so appreciative of the organizations that made these scholarships possible and hope to provide more opportunities that introduce students to the essential world of cleaning.” 

ISSA Scholars provides financial aid to help students achieve their dreams of higher education. Since 1988, the organization has awarded nearly $4 million in financial aid to over 1,000 ISSA member company employees and their immediate family members. Scholarships relieve the burden of tuition for college and university students and introduce new professionals to career opportunities in the cleaning industry.

Students entering or continuing studies at fully accredited four-year colleges and universities are eligible to apply for the annual scholarships. An independent committee selects scholarship winners based on merit, individual accomplishments, and evidence of leadership. The full list of 2022-2023 Scholarships and recipients can be viewed here.

“Our family heartily supports the ISSA Scholarship Program and its deserving recipients,” said Heeren Family Scholarship funder Jeff Heeren, senior vice president of business development at RJ Schinner. “Having a career long affiliation with the ISSA and witnessing the scholarship evolution from initial concept to today has been remarkable. We have seen it help so many exceptional individuals.”

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