ISSA Hygieia Network Connects Canadian Cleaning Industry Professionals

March 9, 2022 ISSA Hygieia Network Connects Canadian Cleaning Industry Professionals

ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities™ signature program dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in the cleaning industry, has launched a regional community for cleaning industry professionals in Canada. The latest of eight regional communities, professionals living or working in Canada are invited to join the regional group on LinkedIn to connect and network with local peers.

“We’re thrilled to add the Canada region to our community groups,” said Laura Craven, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Imperial Dade. “Our Canadian members are already engaged in the Hygieia community, and the new region will provide a space for them to connect directly with one another and expand their networks.”

“The sanitary maintenance and supply industry in Canada has certainly seen the number of inspirational, professional women increase significantly over the years,” said ISSA Canada Executive Director, Mike Nosko. “We’re so excited to now be able to provide them with a space to connect and network with peers through the Hygieia Network. I am confident this community will definitely be embraced by women across the country.”

ISSA Hygieia Network launched the regional community groups in 2021 to facilitate networking and sharing of resources between cleaning industry professionals via LinkedIn, and in-person programs and events. In addition to ISSA Hygieia Network Canada Region, communities are available for the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, New England, Southwest, Pacific West, Rocky Mountain, and Southern regions of the United States.

“By providing networking opportunities, ISSA Hygieia Network works to create a more diverse and inclusive industry where everyone has the chance to succeed,” said Linda Silverman, President at Maintex. “The addition of the Canada regional group will increase our membership and participation in our mentoring program, educational conferences, and webinars that support women seeking to grow their careers.”

“There is no better time to be a part of this amazing industry,” said Shannon Hall, Vice President of Sales at Dustbane, and captain of ISSA Hygieia Network Canada Region. “We are proud to help women in Canada have a voice and be part of continuing to grow and develop within the sanitation and hygiene community through the Hygieia Network. I am looking forward to helping support Hygieia in Canada and growing our membership in the regional community.”

Professionals can join the regions for free to share resources and discuss topics related to the cleaning industry and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Members can also attend “Meet & Greet” events hosted virtually and in-person throughout the year.

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