ISSA Issues Update on the Healthy & Safe Workplace Tax Credit

June 6, 2022 ISSA Issues Update on the Healthy & Safe Workplace Tax Credit

Since ISSA launched its Healthy & Safe Workplace Tax Credit advocacy campaign two years ago, the association has seen incredible advocacy engagement from the cleaning community. To date, 836 cleaning industry advocates have sent more than 5,000 messages to nearly every member of Congress, urging them to support this legislation. Their voices made clear to Congress the important role the cleaning industry plays in advancing and maintaining healthy workplaces.

Following are some of the successes that would not have been possible without the advocacy engagement of ISSA members:

  • A version of the Healthy Workplace Tax credit was included in multiple drafts of COVID-19 relief bills in Congress.
  • Members of Congress now know how important the cleaning industry is to their communities and to public health.
  • Industry leaders met with more than 65 congressional offices about healthy workplace tax credits at the 2021 and 2022 ISSA Clean Advocacy Summits.
  • On May 25, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and ISSA announced the launch of a formal Healthy Workplaces Coalition, which is made up of national organizations, industry leaders, and trade associations collaborating to support and advance federal policy aimed at helping businesses and organizations better afford and implement health and safety improvements in workplaces and across the built environment.
  • View ISSA’s 2021-2022 Advocacy Impact Report to learn about some of the other ways ISSA successfully influenced and impacted legislation and regulations affecting the full spectrum of the cleaning industry.

“Suffice to say, ISSA has a ‘seat at the table’ and is actively engaged with policymakers on this and other critical issues, such as labor shortages, ingredient disclosure, supply chain challenges, tariff relief, and many others as well,” said ISSA Director of Government Affairs John Nothdurft. “As we continue to advocate for the cleaning industry, we’ll undoubtedly need the voice of ISSA members. We will continue to keep our members apprised of government affairs related to this coalition and other public policy issues important to the cleaning industry.”

For questions about the Health Workplaces Coalition and how to become involved in ISSA advocacy, please contact John Nothdurft.