ISSA Launches New State Advocacy Leaders Program

January 16, 2024 ISSA Launches New State Advocacy Leaders Program

ISSA has announced the launch of a new State Advocacy Leaders (SALs) program to grow and strengthen its advocacy efforts. The SALs program is intended to further engage even more ISSA members in advocacy to further impact state and federal legislation important to the cleaning industry.

“We’re excited to take ISSA Government Affairs to the next level with this new initiative,” said ISSA Senior Government Affairs Manager Stacy Seiden, who will serve as the staff lead for the SALs. “State Advocacy Leaders will allow ISSA to build on its 1,600+ Advocates for Clean-grassroots foundation with this leadership-grasstops program.”

ISSA will work towards securing two SALs for each state—a manufacturer or distributor and a cleaning service professional. SALs will be ISSA members in good standing in the U.S., who have a strong interest in advocating for the cleaning industry.

Benefits of Being an ISSA State Advocacy Leader

  • Receive training and education on how to effectively advocate for your business and the cleaning industry at the state and federal levels
  • Exclusive opportunities to engage with policymakers on–and influence–public-policy issues important to you and the industry
  • Opportunities to network with other cleaning-industry leaders interested in government affairs and to be featured in ISSA communications like our Cleaning Is Essential podcast
  • Priority consideration to being nominated for ISSA’s Government Affairs Advisory Committee or Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • Recognition as an industry leader.

“The State Advocacy Leaders program is a great opportunity for ISSA members who want to be at the table when state and federal policymakers make decisions that could impact the cleaning industry,” explained ISSA Director of Government Affairs John Nothdurft. “This is a great way to learn more about and participate in the political process. State Advocacy Leaders also will enhance the association’s capacity to engage at the state and federal levels on the key issues for the cleaning industry.”

Interested in becoming an ISSA State Advocacy Leader? Please take a moment to complete this brief survey.

Learn more about ISSA’s State Advocacy Leaders program by attending the 2024 ISSA Clean Advocacy Summit, April 10-11 in Washington, DC, and by contacting Stacy Seiden.