ISSA Product Showcase April 23, 2021

April 23, 2021 ISSA Product Showcase April 23, 2021

Stay up to date on the industry’s newest products and services from these ISSA members.

Dry Disinfection
EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives recently launched the EvaClean Dry Wipes System. These disposable environmental surface wipes are designed to be used with PUR•ONE, a broad-spectrum cleaner and disinfectant which has more than 50 kill claims with the EPA, including C. diff, MRSA, and COVID-19. For more information, visit

Bet on Green
Betco Corp.’s line of Green Earth™ BioActive Solutions™ leverage the superior cleaning power of bacteria to remove soils with less manual labor. Using bacteria grown by Betco in its own labs, these cleaning solutions continuously post-degrade organic matter long after surface soils have been cleaned, providing total odor control by eliminating malodors at their source. For more information, visit

It’s a Wrap
GP PRO has introduced a line of individually wrapped Dixie® paper plates and bowls to its existing selection of hygienic foodservice products. Currently available on Dixie® Basic 8.5-inch paper plates and 12-ounce paper bowls, the extra layer of protection makes these products not only ideal for take-out and delivery services but also employee breakrooms and hospitality settings. For more information, visit

Optimize Your Laundry Program
Husky® Optimum®
is a new laundry program from Canberra Corp. featuring fast-acting surfactants, innovative closed-loop dispensing, user-friendly packaging, and unparalleled training & marketing materials. The Husky line includes four detergents, two destainers, a fabric softener, and a sour neutralizer. For more information, visit

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