Kimberly-Clark Expands Recycling Program

April 6, 2022 Kimberly-Clark Expands Recycling Program

Kimberly-Clark Professional has announced an expansion to the company’s RightCycle Program in the United Kingdom.

Kimberly-Clark’s recycling program will now include the installation of new restroom dispensers and the disposal of old dispensers and used hand towels, Cleaning Hygiene Today reports. Interested organizations in the United Kingdom can arrange for Kimberly-Clark to remove, collect, and collate old dispensers—from all manufacturers—and install new, hygienic, and sustainable dispensers. The old equipment will be broken down into raw materials for use in new products such as car parts and children’s toys.

“We work with our customers to divert waste from landfill or incineration; the RightCycle Program is designed to support organizations’ sustainability goals and help position them as a company committed to sustainability and their part toward zero waste,” said James Hallam, Kimberly-Clark Professional global circularity manager.

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