PathoSans Saluted for Supporting Sustainable Solutions

April 21, 2021

PathoSans has been named a recipient of the Virginia Green Travel Leader Award.

The eighth-annual award program is designed to encourage environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in Virginia’s tourism industry and is a partnership of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality; the Virginia Tourism Corp.; the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging, and Travel Association; and the Virginia Green Travel Alliance. PathoSans and the other 31 award recipients will be honored in a virtual ceremony later this month.

“We are proud to recognize PathoSans for their efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of their operation and their customers,” says Tom Griffin, Virginia Green Travel Alliance executive director. “Virginia Green Travel partners are leading our program’s efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of the industry and to increase green tourism business and it is wonderful to have PathoSans as a partner in our efforts to promote sustainable tourism in Virginia.”

About PathoSans
PathoSans is a Glendale Heights, Illinois-based manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly cleaner and sanitizer for both industrial and commercial use. For more information, visit