Softbank Partners With Infogrid

May 14, 2024

SoftBank Robotics has entered into a strategic partnership with smart building technology developer Infogrid.

Under the terms of the agreement, Infogrid’s Smart Cleaning Pro technology will be included in Softbank Robotics’ Smart BX solution. Smart Cleaning Pro combines sensors, wearable devices, and cloud-based software to provide seamless, data-driven commercial cleaning operations.

“Softbank Robotics aims to empower customers to operate at the forefront of innovation,”  added Jesper Christensen, Softbank Robotics EMEA vice president of product management and customer success, sales, and marketing. “We are excited to be able to offer Infogrid Smart Cleaning Pro as part of our SmartBX offering, which brings together people, robotics, AI, IoT, and automation to deliver truly intelligent cleaning solutions. Our partnership with Infogrid allows us to capture real-time cleaning data, enabling precise resource allocation and smarter decision making, advancing our vision and helping us revolutionize the way services teams work—pioneering the future of facility management and cleaning.”

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