Submit Comments to Green Seal on Prohibiting PFAS in Certified Products

December 16, 2021 Submit Comments to Green Seal on Prohibiting PFAS in Certified Products

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large class of chemicals commonly used in consumer products and associated with various adverse health and environmental effects. Green Seal is proposing a new prohibition on PFAS for products it certifies.

PFAS are so prevalent, it can be challenging for consumers and even manufacturers to know whether the products they purchase and manufacture contain these chemicals. PFAS are often used in raw materials with proprietary formulas that are often not fully disclosed to the final manufacturer. A prohibition on PFAS would allow Green Seal to verify that these chemicals are eliminated from product supply chains and provide assurance to both manufacturers and buyers that their Green Seal-certified cleaning and personal care products are PFAS-free.

Green Seal is taking a multiyear-phased approach to this initiative, with an end goal of ensuring certified product formulas and product packaging across all product categories are PFAS-free. For now, Green Seal’s first step is adding criteria prohibiting PFAS in its standards for cleaning products and personal care products. These proposed updates include:

  • Prohibiting any intentionally added PFAS
  • Restricting any PFAS to 100 ppm when present as a contaminant

The PFAS criteria will be added to the product health and environmental requirements section of each of the following standards:

  • General Purpose Cleaners (GS-8, GS-37)
  • Laundry Care Products (GS-48, GS-51)
  • Specialty Cleaners (GS-52, GS-53)
  • Personal Care Products (GS-44, GS-50)

Public comment period is open until January 22, 2022 for cleaning product manufacturers and others in the cleaning industry. To submit comments or schedule a conference call, contact Green Seal at [email protected].

The Proposed Revisions and supplementary documents are available on Green Seal’s Standard Projects page.