Whittaker Survey Finds Carpet Cleanliness Crucial to Facility’s Perception

August 17, 2021 Whittaker Survey Finds Carpet Cleanliness Crucial to Facility’s Perception

A recent online survey of more than 2,000 adult conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Whittaker Co. found that 83% of respondents say well-maintained carpet improves their confidence in a facility’s cleanliness.

“Often the first thing that people notice upon entering a facility is the flooring and what condition it is in,” said Joe Bshero, Whittaker director of technical services. “Carpet needs to be free of stains, discoloration, and wear and tear or it may negatively impact the public’s perception of an organization.”

The highest number of respondents deemed hotel carpet cleanliness important, with 55% of Americans confirming that clean carpet in hospitality environments makes them more confident in the cleanliness throughout the facility. The survey also looked at the importance of carpet cleanliness in other facilities:

  • 53% of respondents said well-maintained carpet in restaurants improves their confidence level regarding facility cleanliness
  • 44% said clean carpet in health care settings would convince them the facility is committed to cleanliness  
  • 42% said well-maintained carpet in retail locations would improve their confidence in the facility’s cleanliness
  • 40% said clean carpet has a positive impact on their confidence in an office building’s commitment to cleanliness
  • 33% would feel more confident in a casino’s level of cleanliness upon seeing the carpet is maintained properly
  • 32% said their confidence in the cleanliness of a K-12 school, college, or university is improved by well-maintained carpet.

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