Resources for Your Business

ISSA can help you save time and gain efficiency with member-only tools. These resources are only available to members with a myISSA account.

Promotional Tools

ISSA provides numerous marketing resources to help members promote their companies and ultimately change the way the world views cleaning. These resources are only available to members with a myISSA account:

Internship Tool Kit

Attract new talent with ISSA’s Internship Tool Kit. The tool kit helps companies understand, develop, and implement their own internship programs. Internships are a great way to identify and attract new talent to the professional cleaning industry because they provide valuable industry experience, connections, career opportunities, and income for continuing education.

The Internship Tool Kit includes practical items, such as human resource and statutory compensation information, sample forms and templates, and performance-measurement guidelines, along with vital personnel guidelines designed to help you find, interview, hire, train, and motivate the right intern for your company.

Internship grants are also available through ISSA Scholars, one of ISSA’s three signature charities. In the past, up to nine grants were awarded and aimed at helping ISSA member companies launch new internships in the cleaning industry. Visit the ISSA Scholars website for more information.