The Value of Clean

Proper cleaning and disinfecting plays an integral role in boosting confidence that workplaces and businesses are safe and healthy for both employees and customers.

Now is more important than ever for cleaning industry professionals to make the business case that cleaning is a critical investment in better occupant health, a more confident society, and a better bottom line for facilities.

The Value of Clean® tools will help you justify your cleaning budgets in a easy-to-follow way with hard numbers decision makers are looking for.

Value of Clean Report

New & Updated

Find valuable studies and data compiled from a variety of sources, supporting the argument that investing in cleaning leads to bottom-line financial gain.

Value of Clean Infographic

New & Updated

The ISSA Value of Clean eye-catching Infographic is created for cleaning professionals to be able to download, print, embed on a website, or share on social media.

Value of Clean Calculator

Use the ISSA Value of Clean Calculator to customize a special business case for your customers and calculate the return on investment of proper cleaning. 

Power of Clean

This animated video is free to share on your website or social media. ISSA members can add it to their own presentations and videos.

Value of Clean Safety Tool

Help customers reduce liability and realize that proper cleaning is an investment, not a cost with information you can insert into your presentations such as safety hot buttons, employer responsibilities, the cost of unsafe workplaces, how cleaning impacts savings, and more.

Clean Standard: K-12 Infographic & Video

The ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 tool helps schools objectively assess the effectiveness of their cleaning processes, contributing to the quality of the indoor environment for the benefit of students and staff.

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