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Latest Group of CIMS ISSA Certification Experts Announced
Latest Group of CIMS ISSA Certification Experts Announced

March 12, 2012 — ISSA is pleased to announce that five new groups of individuals have achieved certification as official Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) ISSA Certification Experts (I.C.E.). The addition of these 86 I.C.E. professionals brings the total count to more than 1,000 certified experts representing all 50 U.S. states as well as six Canadian provinces, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, South Korea, and Australia.

An interactive map containing a full list of CIMS experts and their contact information is available at A list of those individuals who have achieved certification is available below.

“The I.C.E. program continues to receive tremendous feedback from workshop attendees, who consistently comment on the tremendous value of the information provided,” said ISSA Director of Facility Service Programs Dan Wagner. “What is more, we continue to see an increasing number of I.C.E.-certified professionals being listed on official CIMS certification applications, speaking to the value-added nature of the I.C.E. designation and proving that the program is delivering on its promise to improve relationships and position certified individuals as a one-of-a-kind resource.”

The I.C.E. program is designed to help industry professionals deal with their customers’ or their own organizations’ likely budget cuts. Custodial operations around the country continue to be asked to reduce labor budgets by 5 percent to 10 percent, and it has become increasingly evident that such reductions cannot be accomplished by supply-price decreases alone. Professionals who wish to position themselves as an indispensable resource need to be armed with advanced operational and budgetary knowledge. Understanding the need to evaluate, reduce, and redeploy the work force is the most promising way to meet such budget reductions, and I.C.E.-workshop attendees are provided crucial information that will help them in this regard. In fact, past attendees have reported saving customers more than six figures annually by helping them comply with CIMS.

Further, the inclusion of the CIMS-Green Building criteria to the workshop curriculum positions an I.C.E.-certified professional to partner with customers in the development of a comprehensive green/ high performance cleaning program and assist in securing points toward LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance for green cleaning activities.

To become a CIMS expert, professionals must attend a one-day workshop and pass an examination regarding the management and green building elements contained in the Standard. The CIMS-expert designation is earned by and applies to an individual rather than an entire organization.

ISSA will host additional I.C.E. workshops on the following dates:

  • May 1 – Atlantic City, NJ (in conjunction with NJSSA SupplyLine)
  • July 17 – Rosemont, IL
  • October 15-16 – Chicago, IL (in conjunction with ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2012)

Attend a session and see firsthand why an attendee recently commented, “The I.C.E. training was fabulous. I can’t stop talking about it to my fellow associates and customers. I think the presentation was truly awesome!” Visit to register.

Latest Group of CIMS I.C.E. Professionals Announced

Axel Anderson, Geil Enterprises, Inc. d.b.a. Janitorial, Inc., Fresno, CA
Antuan Barnes, JA-AN Services, St. John, IN
Gary Bright, Mission Janitorial & Abrasive Supplies, San Diego, CA
Sue Brown, Washington State University Energy Program, Olympia, WA
Jesse Chacon, Janitorial Emporium, Torrance, CA
Scott Childers, Seatex/CBI, Rosenberg, TX
Tim Chisam, Cleansource, Commerce, CA
Skip Dallen, Hillyard-Los Angeles, Commerce, CA
Derrick Deadwiler, Tennant Co., Fremont, CA
Mike DuRoss, Sunshine Makers, Inc./Simple Green, Huntington Beach, CA
Michael Fiedler, Staples, Inc., Long Beach, CA
Art Fry, Hillyard-Los Angeles, Commerce, CA
Rodney Graham Jr., Job Options, Inc., San Diego, CA
Oz Guerra, Waxie Sanitary Supply, Santa Ana, CA
Benjamin Harper, BKG Services, Inc., Columbus, OH
Ty Hookway, Shining Star Services, Rochester, NY
Kristina Ibarra, Clean Freak Pro, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Randy Kippert, CleanSource, Commerce, CA
Roderick Lemon, Ahrmdco International, Houston, TX
Greg Mangan, Hillyard-Los Angeles, Commerce, CA
Rodney Mason, Crothall/Eurest Services, Houston, TX
Michael McGee, Able Services, San Diego, CA
Margaret-Ann Pena, Job Options, Inc., San Diego, CA
Dale Rawlyk, NaceCare Solutions, Littleton, CO
Casey Richards, Lincoln Training Center, South Elmonte, CA
Erick Rodas, Professional Contract Services, Inc., Austin, TX
Scott Schaffer, Waxie Sanitary Supply, Santa Ana, CA
Jamila Stanford, NuGate Group, LLC, San Jose, CA
Felicia Stewart, VIS Management, Pelham, AL
Raul Torres, Integrity Management Services, Inc., Arroyo Grande, CA
Jorge Tunnermann, American Paper Converting, Woodland, WA
Nathan Walla, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
David Mowbray, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Seattle, WA
Kevin Windham, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Livermore, CA
David Brummet, Kimberly-Clark Professional, San Francisco, CA
Suzanne Hoffman, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Palos Verdes, CA
Kathy Burke, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Oceanside, CA
Deadra Gober, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Rockwall, TX
Michele Carpenter, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Sugar Land, TX
April Lenhart, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Chicago, IL
Tania Wiley, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Woodbury, MN
Liz Deacon, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Toronto, ON, Canada
Liliana Davidson, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Miami Beach, FL
Mark Kimberly, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Doylestown, PA
Dominick Consiglio, Kimberly-Clark Professional, West Long Beach, NJ
Matt Zielinski, Kimberly-Clark Professional, New Rochelle, NY
David Hawkins, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Pasadena, MD
Andrew Matz, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Hopkinton, MA
Matthew Freeman, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Halifax, NS, Canada
Matt Bell, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Penfield, NY
Julia Georgoff, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Camas, WA
DeeAnna Sawyer, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Houston, TX
Bill Cates, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Castle Rock, CO
Richard Marriott, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, GA
Daniel DeCriscio, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, GA
Randy McLeod, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, GA
Stacey Baldzicki, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Broomfield, CO
Kevin Parker, DeWhit, Inc., Zebulon, NC
William Parker, DeWhit, Inc., Zebulon, NC
J. Vernon Hughes, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
William Karriker, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
Victor Orellana, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
Charles Epps, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
Lewis Brooks, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
Loralee Talbott, DeWhit, Inc., Mauldin, SC
C. Jabari Whitner, DeWhit, Inc., Mauldin, SC
Abel Renteria, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
Nelson Gonzalez, DeWhit, Inc., Durham, NC
Raymond Musall, Premiere Building Maintenance Corp., Knoxville, TN
Jeff Passmore, Atlanta Metro College, Atlanta, GA
Zach Plaskon, CHOA Scottish Rite , Atlanta, GA
Alif Rogers, CHOA Scottish Rite , Atlanta, GA
Ramona Fannin, CHOA Scottish Rite , Atlanta, GA
Ken Herndon, xpedx, Macon, GA
Kevin McCann, American Facility Services, Alpharetta, GA
Oscar Pavon, American Facility Services, Alpharetta, GA
Eduardo Serna, American Facility Services, Alpharetta, GA
Fola Teru, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
John Long, Premiere Building Maintenance, Knoxville, TN
Diana Patterson, ADG Enterprises, Inc., Suwanee, GA
Dominick Pizzarello, Strauss Paper Co., Port Chester, NY
Jon McCormack, Strauss Paper Co., Port Chester, NY
Jim Yastrub, Strauss Paper Co., Port Chester, NY
Ron Laino, Strauss Paper Co., Port Chester, NY
Jessica Lohse-Cintron, Strauss Paper Co., Port Chester, NY
Ben Cintron, Strauss Paper Co., Port Chester, NY

Details regarding CIMS or becoming a CIMS expert are available at or by contacting ISSA CIMS Account Executive Plamena Todorova at 800-225-4772 (North America) or 847-982-0800; e-mail

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