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Henkel Targets Indian Cleaning-Product Market

November 5, 2008 — Henkel India, Ltd. hopes to expand its household cleaning-product market with the introduction of a 360-degree advertising campaign and adoption of the latest foam-cleaning technology, according to the online edition of India’s Business Standard.

The company, which ventured into the market earlier this year with the launch of its Bref brand of power and toilet cleaners, is targeting a 25 percent share of the estimated “branded specialty” hard-surface cleaners market and a 10 percent share of the toilet-cleaner market by the end of the current fiscal year.

"We introduced the Bref brand in India after its successful run in over 30 countries worldwide. It is one of our major international brands," said Debashis Das, Henkel’s laundry and home-care division manager.

The new products were developed with a specially designed foam-application technique and work on the foam sticking to the dirt and dissolving itself.

The company also has used its nozzle-trigger technology for converting liquid into foam (over which it has a global patent) for the Bref products.

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