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Excuse Me, Where's the Colbert?
March 30, 2009 — NASA may consider putting Stephen Colbert's name on a space toilet after the comedian came out on top of the U.S. space agency's online contest for the name of a new space module, according to a... (rest of article)

Even The Toilet Paper Is Irish
March 17, 2009 — In the spirit of the industry and the day, we would like to direct you to the St. Patrick’s Day "Words of Wisdom" edition of the e-newsletter The Toilet Paper.   Here... (rest of article)

Gunman Steals Toilet Paper
March 4, 2009 — Two elderly people in Jacksonville, FL, were held up at gunpoint in their home Monday by a gunman who fled the house after stealing the couple’s toilet paper, according to online ABC News... (rest of article)

Employment: Just an Ear Away
March 4, 2009 — A Chinese company requires job applicants to show their ears during interviews, according to an article posted on   The Wuhan-based building-materials firm says it wants to make... (rest of article)

CA Classrooms Get Emergency Potties
January 16, 2009 — Teachers in Turlock, CA, returned from winter break to find a bathroom-in-a-box on their desk, complete with toilet paper and all the accessories, according to British newspaper the Guardian. The... (rest of article)

Man's Pistol Blasts Toilet
January 15, 2009 — The toilet in a Utah Carl's Jr. restaurant restroom never knew what hit it, but police say it was a slug from a man's .40-caliber handgun, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. As the 26-year-old... (rest of article)

All Cisterns Go for Ancient Toilet
December 29, 2008 — An ancient toilet has been restored and put back into service at the ancient city of Tralleis in Aydın, a province of southwestern Turkey, according to, a Turkish daily news Web... (rest of article)

Real Toilets Flush
December 3, 2008 — A shopper can no longer go—into a bathroom store in Germany, that is—after he had to go so bad he used one of the store’s display toilets. Heinz Kessel, 39, dashed into the store... (rest of article)

Flushable Fun Facts
November 10, 2008 — Visitors to Yellowstone Park create 270 million gallons of waste per year and use up to 18 rolls of toilet paper per day, according to the Best Book of Useless Information Ever (January 2008). A... (rest of article)

German Toilet Is Now Art
November 5, 2008 — A public toilet in Munich has been transformed into an art museum, attracting hundreds of people in the first days after opening, a spokesman for the city's tourism agency said. After being in use... (rest of article)

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