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By Sandy Wolfrum | November 21, 2022 << Back to Articles A Year in Review with ISSA Charities

ISSA Charities comprises three signature organizations: Cleaning for a Reason®, which partners with residential cleaning companies to provide free home cleanings for cancer patients; ISSA Hygieia Network, which provides the tools and resources for women in the cleaning industry to advance their careers; and ISSA Scholars, which offers scholarships to help relieve the burden of tuition for students and their families. We have had an eventful year.

Providing free cleaning services to cancer patients

Over two million people in the United States and Canada are diagnosed with cancer annually, and two in five of those will need chemotherapy treatment, which tends to make basic tasks like cleaning your home nearly impossible.

Cleaning for a Reason works with over 1,200 partners and volunteers to provide cleaning services to more than 4,250 cancer patients and families annually. This year Cleaning for a Reason welcomed three franchise partners in You’ve Got Maids, eMaids, and Maid Right, and two new strategic partners in Cora Technologies and Allset Inc. to further its mission of providing hope, relief, control, and cleanliness to patients and their families. Cleaning for a Reason and their partners will raise more than US$500,000 this year!

Advancing women in the cleaning industry

ISSA Hygieia Network had another record year of hosting virtual and in-person events targeted at advancing and retaining women in the cleaning industry. Hygieia hosted two virtual and one in-person conference with 358 participants and four webinars featuring industry leaders with over 420 attending.

In September, Hygieia, in partnership with Chicago’s DePaul University, launched the DePaul University Career Edge Certificate. The three-module, online, and self-paced skills development program aims to provide cleaning industry professionals with essential tools to advance their careers and achieve success.

Hygieia also launched the Hygieia Network Career Academy, which is housed on ISSA’s Online Learning Center and provides access to past virtual conferences, webinars, and other on-demand programs.

Hygieia moved to a new mentoring platform, Qooper, which houses Hygieia’s General Mentoring Program and Company Exclusive Mentoring Programs. Hygieia also grew its eight regional online networking communities on LinkedIn, which now includes more than 700 members.

To conclude a successful year, the Hygieia Network Awards Reception attracted hundreds of attendees at ISSA Show North America 2022, and Hygieia will raise over $525,000 this year to further its mission!

Providing scholarships to students

ISSA Scholars awarded scholarships to a record 55 exceptional students who demonstrated academic and leadership excellence this year. The generous contributions of several individuals and ISSA member companies provided 55 scholarships, totaling more than $157,000. Online applications for the 2023 scholarships will open in January.

At ISSA Show North America 2022, ISSA Charities connected with the industry in person. Thanks to compassionate cleaning industry members, ISSA Charities continues to make the world a cleaner, healthier, and better place to live. 

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Sandy Wolfrum is the Director of Development for ISSA Charities. You can reach her at [email protected].