Caring for Communities Through Cleaning

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By Debbie McAdams | August 12, 2020 << Back to Articles Caring for Communities Through Cleaning

Since 2006, Cleaning for a Reason has supported cancer patients across the United States and Canada through free home cleanings from its residential cleaning partners.

Cleaning for a Reason has a network of more than 1,200 cleaning partners and is continually looking for additional partners to join its cause. This network has served more than 40,000 cancer patients, with a market value of nearly $14 million in donated home cleanings. Two of these cleaning partners share how their experience with the charity has made a difference in the lives of cancer patients and many others.

Cleaning in the heart of Texas

The family-owned and operated Maids and Moore Cleaning Services has locations in Austin and Conroe, Texas. In 2008, the company was introduced to Cleaning for a Reason through one of the charity’s cleaning partners. The mission resonated with owner Holly Moore, who had recently lost her grandmother to cancer and understood the need to take the stress of mundane chores off the to-do lists of cancer patients and their families. As a new business, prior to learning of Cleaning for a Reason, it was astonishing to Moore the number of calls received from families in need of assistance during their battle with cancer.

“It is an honor and a blessing to be part of Cleaning for a Reason, as it allows us to give back to our community through the gift of love through service,” says Rebecca Scheler of Maids and Moore Cleaning Services. “By cleaning and disinfecting, we create a safe haven for those with compromised immune systems, which is especially important during a pandemic.”

Maids and Moore’s customers identify with the company’s dedication to giving back, while employees recognize they are doing more than just cleaning homes. Scheler started with the company as a maid and has witnessed firsthand how rewarding it is to offer help to patients, creating time for what matters most. Maids and Moore notes that being a partner has enhanced morale, as it allows employees to feel part of something bigger.

A pledge of hope

Before joining Cleaning for a Reason, Covenant Cleaning Services in Orlando, Florida. would receive phone calls from teachers who wanted to pay for home cleanings for staff members with cancer. After learning about Cleaning for a Reason in 2007, Covenant Cleaning was happy to inform these groups that it could provide cleaning services for free, allowing the fundraising dollars to be allocated to memory-making activities for the patients and their loved ones.

Owner Shelley Powell promotes Cleaning for a Reason through the company’s website, social media channels, brochures, and community events, such as “Lunch & Learn,” at the local chamber of commerce. Her passion for the charity’s spirit of helping has even extended beyond her cleaning business into the world of hair care. Powell also owns a barbershop where men and women undergoing chemotherapy can have their heads shaved for free. This small act of service demonstrates the widespread impact Cleaning for a Reason has had on Powell.

“Being involved with Cleaning for a Reason takes us to another level in the relationships we build with our customers,” says Powell. “Our team members love cleaning the homes of patients, and we’ve even had individuals apply to our company and choose us over a competitor because they appreciate that we contribute positively to our community.”

An impressive impact

Since becoming a partner with two service territories, Maids and Moore Cleaning Services has donated house cleanings valued at more than $68,000 to 200 cancer patients and counting. It also continually identifies ways to go above and beyond for cancer patients. This includes offering a free EPA-approved disinfecting misting service to patients as fears regarding coronavirus grew. In previous years, Maids and Moore have also organized volunteer days to bring realtors, restaurant owners, and other community members together for a day of cleaning patient homes.

Covenant Cleaning Services has helped 84 cancer patients through cleaning services valued at nearly $27,000. For Powell, the impact extends beyond the monetary value. She views giving back as the number one way a company can immerse itself into the community if it is truly connected to the cause.

Covenant Cleaning’s first patient shared how embarrassed she was that her home wasn’t clean, which was preventing her from inviting friends and family over. By cleaning her house, Covenant Cleaning was allowing her to access her support system, which is incredibly important for a cancer patient’s emotional and mental well-being. The company has also continued to provide free cleanings to the loved ones of those who have lost their battle to cancer by removing the burden of cleaning while they grieve.

“Cleaning the homes of cancer patients creates a healthier environment for individuals who are going through a challenging situation and it can also be life-changing for our employees,” says Powell. “Being a partner has added depth, compassion, and teamwork to our company’s foundation.”

Providing essential services

Both Maids and Moore and Covenant Cleaning are deeply involved with ISSA and its various divisions and are thankful that the industry was designated as essential during the pandemic. This recognition allowed both companies to continue operations for their customers, including patients.

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a worldwide movement to take better care of ourselves and our homes,” adds Scheler. “Cleaning is an essential business, and we are proud to provide the services and the knowledge that all of our customers need to achieve greater peace of mind.”

Looking ahead, Maids and Moore wants to continue to expand its business and accept more patients. As a media ambassador for Cleaning for a Reason, Scheler is also focused on spreading awareness of the charity’s services and helping other cleaning companies understand the value of becoming a partner. Maids and Moore has completed training from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a division of ISSA, and is a member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI), a division of ISSA.

Covenant Cleaning Services is a member of ARCSI as well. Powell regularly attends courses, builds connections with others in the industry, and has even found a business coach through ARCSI.

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