ISSA Member Profile: The Bulgarian Cleaning Association

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By ISSA Staff | August 6, 2013 << Back to Articles

Founded in 2007, the Bulgarian Cleaning Association (BAC) represents 17 companies within the Bulgarian professional cleaning industry. The association’s members include distributors and manufacturers, all of which share the goal of growing and developing the cleaning industry in Bulgaria. BAC focuses on the importance of the industry and the responsibility cleaning professionals have to achieve a high standard of hygiene and health. BAC members work together to offer their customers the highest-quality products and services.

Since becoming an ISSA alliance partner in 2009, BAC has benefitted from being able to communicate with a range of people in the industry on various projects. As an ISSA alliance partner, BAC is part of a community that has shared intentions of promoting the cleaning industry. In turn, ISSA has supported BAC in a number of ways, including hosting a meeting and an educational presentation in May of 2009.

ISSA and BAC plan to continue to co-operate on several projects that directly benefit the Bulgarian industry. The two organizations will implement certain educational video materials chosen by BAC members and supplied by ISSA. These materials will be translated and used by BAC members for training purposes. Other upcoming collaborations aim to promote BAC both locally and internationally and improve the association’s relationship with the public sector in Bulgaria.

BAC and ISSA are collaborating to overcome many of the issues facing the Bulgarian cleaning industry currently. BAC plans to leverage its partnership with ISSA to improve the cleaning industry’s image, raise employee motivations and qualifications, and encourage the development of businesses within the cleaning sector. One of the first steps in achieving these goals is organising educational programs on new cleaning techniques. With ISSA’s assistance, BAC will be able to focus its efforts on the implementation of the latest European cleaning standards in Bulgaria.

In the future, BAC looks forward to further developing its relationship with ISSA, particularly in order to understand the latest cleaning-industry standards and regulations in the European Union. BAC’s partnership with ISSA will also assist BAC members in obtaining the best possible training and promote BAC’s Sustainable Development Programme, which aims to preserve the environment by reducing water consumption and improving recycling programs.

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