ISSA Member Profile: The Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce

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By ISSA Staff | August 6, 2013 << Back to Articles

The Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce (PIGC) was founded in 2008 as a continuation of the Polish Cleaning Association, the first national body representing the interests of the professional cleaning industry in Poland. Today, PIGC takes part in shaping the technological and economic changes in the industry by organising a number of events, including seminars, conferences, and international trade shows.

PIGC joined ISSA in 2002. Since then, the organisation has benefitted greatly from its relationship with ISSA. Not only has PIGC gained a number of contacts in the cleaning industry, it has gained direct access to the latest industry developments and other important information. The partnership has also helped PIGC amplify its message through ISSA’s extensive industry outreach.

Since 2002, PIGC and ISSA have worked closely on a number of joint initiatives, including the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Central & Eastern Europe trade show, the Cleanliness and Hygiene Certificate programme, and a number of PIGC conferences and training seminars supported by ISSA.

The Polish cleaning industry currently faces a number of issues, including the impact of the recent economic crisis and employee retention. The industry also struggles with a negative perception from society, which in turn has a direct impact on the morale of cleaning staff. Additionally, the difficulty of cleaning in hospitals and in the foodservice industry is a topic that is often highlighted, as the level of scrutiny involved in achieving clean, safe, and healthy environments is not often appreciated. Through its relationship with ISSA, PIGC effectively addresses these concerns. For example, PIGC organises educational conferences to inform the public about the benefits and importance of the cleaning industry.

PIGC anticipates its relationship with ISSA to remain fruitful in the future. The partnership presents PIGC with many potential benefits for overcoming the challenges facing Poland’s cleaning industry. The recent global economic crisis highlighted the importance of PIGC’s participation in an international alliance such as ISSA. With ISSA’s input and assistance, PIGC will be able to continually grow and develop as a successful and valued cleaning-industry organisation.

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