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By Jasmine Richards | October 5, 2022 << Back to Articles Learn How to Win the Recruiting Game

In today’s society, recruiting is a thing many employers find challenging. During a recent ARCSI webinar, We Changed Our PERCEPTION and Learned How to WIN the Recruiting Game, with Shawn Day, the executive recruiter from Blue Skies Recruiting.

This webinar presentation was on target for today’s challenges. Day discussed the importance of mindset and how changing his mindset helped their company hire 100+ employees in 2021.

What was presented will help all business owners with recruitment efforts as they build their companies.

Mindset and why mindset can be dangerous

Day took a deeper look into mindset and how mindset can indeed be dangerous, saying, “Mindset is not just an attitude, but it is how we determine our truths and perceptions of others.” Having an unchangeable mindset and not being open-minded, can be especially harmful when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees.

Day tells the story of Jay, a small business owner, who stepped out of his normal mindset, overlooked stereotypes, and started hiring convicts. Because Jay did this, he successfully increased his staff size from five to 15. Day stated that the more one stereotypes, the smaller their recruiting circle becomes.

We all have expectations, but they can be hazardous. Expectations can be dangerous because they create worry and fear. “Fear is the number one cause of people not growing their business,” Day told the audience. That is why it is important to have a mindset that is flexible, open-minded, and sees the views of others to avoid creating high expectations, consequently setting your business up for failure.

Turn truth and perception into success

Perception is a very powerful thing. Perceptions can change our overall truths. “Perceptions affect how we experience and view life,” Day said. That is why it is important to be open-minded, listen, and understand not only our perceptions, but the perceptions of others. Taking the time to listen to others and be present and in the now, can positively affect your daily life, relationships, and work life.

Day suggested that looking through the lens of others helps you see others’ views or truths, making it easier to understand others.

Check your ego at the door

Day discussed ego and how understanding this concept has been a game changer at his company, and one of the keys they used to hire 100+ people. When describing the textbook definition of ego, Day stated that it is a person’s sense of self-esteem and self-importance.

Day gave his own take on ego, describing it as how you think about things. He mentioned that a person’s ego, in a sense, always wants to be in charge to prove self-importance. He stated, “Ego can make a person selfish, close-minded, and negatively affect your perception of others.” Ego creates a false sense of security and creates fear, leaving you close-minded. To prevent this, Day talked about the importance of thinking about the needs of others. The more you serve others, the happier you will be in return.

Interview to serve

Another strategy Day and his team incorporated that proved to be a big key in the reason they were able to hire 100+ employees, is the concept of “interviewing to serve.” For example, instead of using terms like “screening candidates,” Day and his team refer to it as a “job satisfaction predictor.” Doing this allowed Day and his team to make the jobseeker understand their company’s core values and beliefs. “Utilizing this term sounds better and makes the candidate feel more comfortable and at home,” Day said. Furthermore, they set in place procedures that included greeting the candidate when they arrived for an interview, providing refreshments, and making introductions.

The bottom line

Creating a mindset of serving others can generate great success. The success of your business depends on your ability to quiet your ego, accept the world as it is, and seek to understand others’ perceptions. Day suggested trying to wake up every morning with the intent to be present and attentive. By understanding, adapting, and shifting your mindset, you can improve daily life and grow your business. Cultivating a growth mindset could be the single most important thing you ever do to help you achieve success.

Day is one of the many speakers for the ISSA Show North America 2022, coming to Chicago this year on October 10-13. He will be presenting: Recruiting and Interviewing in 2023 and Beyond. For more details on the ISSA Show North America 2022, visit

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