Recognizing Outstanding Employee Achievement

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By Laura Craven and Linda Silverman | August 18, 2021 << Back to Articles Recognizing Outstanding Employee Achievement

Following the challenges of working during the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting to a changed work environment, many professionals, especially in the cleaning industry, are likely feeling drained or experiencing burnout from the past year. Companies can foster a culture of employee recognition to improve morale and show employees that their hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

Employee recognition is a key aspect of effective management. Companies can recognize employees for several kinds of achievements, including success on a particular project, going beyond their duties to help fellow coworkers, achieving a milestone in tenure, or embodying the company’s values. With consistent expressions of gratitude and recognitions of achievement, organizations can ensure employees know they are valued.

Recognizing and rewarding top talent

A striking number of professionals are reevaluating whether they are satisfied in their current positions. More than a year after the onset of nationwide lockdowns and economic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic, nearly one in four workers1 are planning to leave their current jobs for a new opportunity.

Although employee acknowledgment may be an afterthought for many businesses, if we don’t show them recognition, it could mean losing the best employees to brands that take the time to demonstrate their gratitude. Organizations that prioritize staff appreciation can realize several benefits, including:

Improve employee retention. Turnover is costly to businesses, with the expenses to replace an individual employee ranging from one-half to two times2 that worker’s annual salary. This issue plagues the cleaning industry, where average turnover rates can exceed 200%.3 Recognizing the success of top team members can boost morale and give them a sense of security in their value to the company. According to a survey4 in 2016, recognition caused 86% of employees to feel happier at work.

Indicate successful behavior. Recognizing staff for their achievements is also a terrific way to demonstrate what success looks like to other employees. Organizations can celebrate team members for behaviors they would like others to emulate and present them as model employees.

Encourage high performance and engagement. Rewarding positive contributions can also motivate high performance. In a Great Place to Work® survey, employees overwhelmingly stated that personal recognition was the most important driver to produce better work. While 37% chose recognition as the top motivator, only 7% chose salary increases and 4% noted promotions, respectively.5 Additionally, recognition programs can encourage increased engagement that can improve the company culture overall.

Strategies for showing your appreciation

For employers ready to begin implementing employee acknowledgments into their routines, consider implementing the following strategies:

Staff recognition from managers. Encourage managers to recognize employees regularly. Leaders can implement no- or low-cost ideas to show appreciation, such as sending thank you cards, shoutouts on social media, or celebrating work anniversaries.

Outlets for peer-to-peer recognition. To get a better sense of which team members are going above and beyond in their roles, organizations can consider implementing a way for peers to recognize each other. Allowing employees to share positive notes about each other, whether via email, a group messaging platform, or even in the office, can help boost employee morale and reveal helpful and supportive team members.

Nominations for industry awards. To take the next step in creating a culture of employee recognition, companies can nominate their employees for internal awards, or even professional and industry awards. Numerous awards exist that recognize exceptional professionals in their field or industry. Taking the time to nominate shows staff members that the organization values their individual success.

Acknowledging exceptional staff with the ISSA Hygieia Network Awards

Every year, ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities™ signature program, hosts an annual awards reception during the ISSA Show North America to celebrate outstanding women and supporting organizations. The awards recognize individuals and companies who align with Hygieia Network’s mission of supporting the advancement and retention of women in the cleaning industry.

Through October 4, 2021, you can nominate an individual or company for an ISSA Hygieia Network award. Nominate an individual employee for the ISSA Hygieia Network Member of the Year award or the ISSA Hygieia Network Rising Star Award. Additionally, you can nominate your own company or a company you admire for the ISSA Hygieia Network Company of the Year award.

Consider starting a culture of recognition by nominating a deserving individual or company at



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Laura Craven is the vice president of marketing and communications at Imperial Dade. Linda Silverman is the president of Maintex Inc. Craven and Silverman are the co-chairwomen of ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities signature program.