Straight Talk: Living Wage Program Strategies for BSCs

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By Jeff Cross | July 20, 2022 << Back to Articles Straight Talk: Living Wage Program Strategies for BSCs

This year, Straight Talk! has been delving into how employers paying workers living wages can benefit everyone throughout the whole cleaning industry supply chain. Earlier episodes examined how companies can use a living wage to stay competitive and land more jobs.  

In the third and final installment of a series, ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross digs into the details of deploying a successful living wage program. Cross is joined by a trio of thought leaders—Chad Cordaro, Heritage Building Maintenance CEO; Michelle Murray,  CEO of nonprofit organization Living Wage for US; and Chris Arlen, a sales and marketing consultant for  Revenue-IQ, who get into the financial requirements of such program. The conversation also covers how to highlight a living wage program when bidding on proposals for a building service contract and how to successfully navigate negotiations with labor unions.

Watch or listen to the complete episode below to find out how your organization can boost its business, elevate its reputation, and increase employee retention via a living wage program. You can also download an audio MP3 of the episode here .


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