The ISSA Impact: Consensus Group

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By Jeff Cross | June 28, 2022 << Back to Articles The ISSA Impact: Consensus Group

The latest edition of the ISSA Impact, the fifth in a series, highlights Consensus Group, a family-owned full-service provider based in the Netherlands founded more than 30 years ago. Not only does the company provide facility and property management services throughout Europe, but it also delivers innovation cleaning solutions aimed at improving hygiene and health in the hospitality market.

Watch or listen to the complete episode below to hear Consensus Group leaders Frank Laurentius and his son, Glenn Laurentius, discuss with ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross how their staff has been an integral part of their success. The two stress the importance of team building and how having the proper people in the right roles is a pathway to profitability.

Additionally, the Consensus Group leaders talk about how being long-time ISSA members and supporters helped grow their business. Learn how they leveraged the reach of the ISSA Global Show Portfolio to open doors for their company internationally, exposing them to new networking opportunities and innovative solutions. You can also download an audio MP3 of the episode here

NEW! Consensus Group has released a complimentary roadmap to help industry professionals to maximize their experience when attending trade shows, such as ISSA Show North America. Download your free copy here.


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