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By Steve Lewis | April 7, 2021 << Back to Articles Time Goes On…

February 2, 2021, Groundhog Day, our most famous groundhog surfaced, saw his shadow, and predicted that there would be six more weeks of winter. How Punxsutawney Phil could have possibly seen his shadow this year with the massive snowstorm going on, we are not sure. But it seems he did, and we are all living in an arctic chill these days—on repeat!

We all hoped the new year would bring about many positive changes. However, in many ways, 2021 looks very similar to 2020. With the coronavirus continuing to loom, we must still be diligent about maintaining our social distance. For many, this means continuing to work from home.

We may not be able to control what is going on in the world today, but we can control how we respond to it. We cannot allow ourselves to be stuck in a rut. One of the biggest challenges we face today is keeping our business and work ethic moving forward in these challenging times.

Keeping a positive attitude while working from home may be your most challenging task yet! Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

Therefore, having a positive attitude will go a long way in helping you produce positive outcomes. It’s very important, even though you may not be going to the office or meeting with customers, that you prepare yourself as if you have a full schedule for the day. Sometimes the simplest things like getting dressed in your business attire will help you get into a business mind-set for the day ahead of you.

Create a routine for your day. Setting up a consistent time management schedule will help you stay on track. When working from home, it is so easy to let interruptions take control of your day. Doing your best to limit interruptions and staying consistent will help you achieve your daily goals.

At the end of each day, take ten minutes and write down ten things you would like to get completed the following day. Planning out each day with set goals gives you a head start. Sir Winston Churchill once said: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” This very simple, but pointed quote is applicable in many areas of life. So, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of planning to fail.

Finally, don’t isolate yourself. Emailing and texting may be faster and easier ways to get things done but setting aside an extra 15 minutes for a phone call or a Zoom meeting with co-workers or industry associates allows you to stay connected and in touch with your business. This goes a long way in keeping you from feeling like you’re all alone on an iceberg in the middle of Antarctica, even though in most parts of the country it is currently below zero and snowing every other day! We are all in this together, and a little social interaction and positivity can go a long way.

We have come through a lot this past year in developing this new normal, and we still have a way to go. Some things will change, and some will stay the same, but if we do our best and stay positive, 2021 will deliver great things!

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Steve Lewis is president of ISSA and also of Golden Star Inc., a company with a rich history of manufacturing cleaning-related products. He can be reached at 816-842-0233, ext.143 or [email protected].