Welcoming our EMEA Team!

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By Randy Kim | August 19, 2016 << Back to Articles

To get August jumpstarted, the ISSA membership team spent some time with our two guests, Alexandra Dunn and Ricarda Schlegel from as they shared their membership outreach initiatives, and how the membership application process works at ISSA with them.

The ISSA membership team treated Ricarda and Alexandra to a special lunch at J. Alexander’s. Sharing international stories and experiences in connecting with our ISSA international members over a plate full of deliciously crisp and tender calamari’s and glasses of Arnold Palmer tea demonstrates the value of forging interpersonal relationships with our international team, and inspiring new ideas that will help ISSA achieve greater success with the global cleaning community.

As our lunch concluded, and food coma started setting in, the ISSA membership team came away with a new appetite for building on its successful outreach with its members.


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