ISSA 2021 State Pesticide Registration Survey Now Available

July 1, 2021 ISSA 2021 State Pesticide Registration Survey Now Available

In addition to registering with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), manufacturers and distributors must also register disinfectants, sanitizers, and other pesticide products with the individual states in which the products will be offered for sale. This requirement applies to manufacturers and distributors of all pesticides, including antimicrobial products such as disinfectants, sanitizers, and germicides. States implement differing regulations to cover fees, which are usually flat and per product and include renewal deadlines and penalties.

These regulations change frequently and would be challenging for one company to closely monitor in every state. To ease this regulatory burden, ISSA provides the State Pesticide Registration Survey on an annual basis as a benefit to its members. Each year, we compile this document with updated listings of all pesticide registration fees, renewal dates, penalties for selling unregistered pesticides, and state registration authority references. Many distributors and manufacturers now sell their disinfectant products in more states than they did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, so having access to the most up-to-date regulatory information is more important than ever. Accordingly, the ISSA 2021 State Pesticide Registration Survey is now available. You can access the full survey by becoming an ISSA member.

Since our 2020 update, seven states and one U.S. territory have or are likely to change their registration fees. Additionally, many states continue to increase their enforcement actions for registration violations and registration authority references have been updated for more than 30 states.

For questions regarding the pesticide registration survey and ISSA advocacy, please contact ISSA Government Affairs Coordinator Stacy Seiden. Please support the ISSA Advocacy Fund to help us continue to provide important state regulatory information like the ISSA State Pesticide Registration Survey to our members.