Softbank Teams With VARTA

April 1, 2021

SoftBank Robotics’ European division has entered into a new development agreement with VARTA AG.

The partnership calls for SoftBank to work with the German battery manufacturer to develop a new battery platform suitable for its emerging robotic operations. The new platform’s batteries will be produced at VARTA’s manufacturing facility in Brasov, Romania. SoftBank and VARTA have collaborated on other technological developments since 2012.

“Thanks to its expertise and its successes built in different market applications, VARTA together with SoftBank Robotics Europe teams are working on the definition of our battery for our next generation robotics platform with the constant goals of accelerating the time-to-market, proposed the good cost structure by never compromising performance and feature set. This state-of-the-art architecture allows SoftBank Robotics Europe to use the same battery as a global asset for different projects and products,” said Xavier Lacherade, SoftBank Robotics Europe chief operating officer.

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