IEHA and ISSA Merger Frequently Asked Questions

IEHA LogoWelcome to ISSA’s IEHA FAQ page, where you’ll find answers to common questions about the merger between ISSA and IEHA. If you have other questions not addressed here, please contact us [email protected].

Q. What is ISSA?
A. ISSA is the worldwide cleaning industry association. Its more than 7,000 members represent the interests of distributors and manufacturers of supplies and equipment for the cleaning industry. It also currently has membership categories for manufacturers’ representatives, building services contractors, in-house service providers (hospitals, hotels, municipalities, etc.), residential cleaning companies, and associates (trainers, consultants, software, insurance, etc.). It is headquartered near Chicago, IL, with regional offices in Mainz, Germany; Botany, Australia; and Shanghai, China.

Q. Why is IEHA merging into ISSA?
A. By merging with ISSA, IEHA members will have access to the wealth of programs, benefits, services, and other resources offered by ISSA in addition to the traditional benefits provided by IEHA. Additionally, by gathering all cleaning industry partners under the ISSA umbrella, we greatly enhance our ability to collectively promote the value of clean around the globe. To date, ISSA has merged with the National Cleaning Suppliers Association of Australia, the Association of Residential Cleaners International, and Canadian Sanitary Supply Association, and will be announcing other mergers and acquisitions in the near future.

Q. What will IEHA be called?
A. We will be known as IEHA, A Division of ISSA, maintaining its identity and the sense of community enjoyed by IEHA members, while powered by the resources of ISSA.

Q. What will my new membership be?
A. All IEHA members who are current with their IEHA dues will be automatically recognized as ISSA members. You will have the same access to and benefits of current ISSA members. New members will start on ISSA’s fiscal year immediately, while existing members will change over to ISSA’s fiscal year in December 2018. Long-standing IEHA members (10 years or longer) will automatically be included in the ISSA Milestone Members Recognition Program. 

Q. What will be the cost of membership?
A. For 2017 membership dues, companies purchasing 10 or more individual memberships will receive the discount rate of US$125 per individual. Companies needing fewer than 10 memberships will receive the regular rate of $150 per individual. 2018 membership dues will be announced after the annual convention, IEHA 51st Conference and Convention in conjunction with ISSA Show North America 2017 and ISSA Convention.

Q. Who will be running IEHA?
A. The present IEHA staff, including Michael Patterson, Jody Thomas, and Bailey Goble, will remain in the Westerville, OH, office and will have the assistance of ISSA staff members and specialists who are headquartered near Chicago. Our contact phone numbers will remain the same. The IEHA executive board of directors will become the IEHA Council and will continue to provide direction and oversight of programs and benefits.  

Q. Will IEHA still have chapters?
A. Yes, the chapters will remain the same. Each chapter collects its own monies and can hold its own events but reports back to IEHA headquarters in Ohio. However, the chapters will be reviewed, and those that are inactive will be merged with other active chapters.

Q. Will IEHA existing programs still be valid?
A. All IEHA education and certification programs will remain the same. Over the course of 2017–2018, IEHA will continue to enhance its programs.

Q. Will an IEHA Annual Convention still be held?
A. Yes, the 2017 annual event will continue as planned, and the new logo will be displayed on expo signage. The educational session in the theater will be a panel discussion by IEHA. In addition, ISSA Show North America 2017 and ISSA Convention in Las Vegas, NV, will feature the Housekeepers Olympics at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Wednesday, September 13, at 6:00 p.m. The IEHA Booth will move closer to the ISSA Resource Center. 

Q. What specific benefits will IEHA members have access to after the merger?
A. A sample of current ISSA benefits that IEHA members will enjoy include:

Q. Will IEHA still have its own website at www.IEHA.org?
A. The intent is to migrate relevant content to a new IEHA portal on the ISSA.com website. The ISSA website receives more than 40,000 unique visitors and up to 370,000 page views each month. By creating a dedicated portal, IEHA can leverage that reach and the digital efforts ISSA implements regularly to increase site traffic.