Straight Talk: Debunking Disinfection Myths

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By Jeff Cross | January 18, 2022 << Back to Articles Straight Talk: Debunking Disinfection Myths

John Schauff is the director of government services and training with Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.  and has spent years on a myth-debunking journey. It has culminated in the content featured in this episode of Straight Talk! which details the four disinfection falsehoods that Schauff has confronted during his decades of work within the cleaning industry.

Tune into this new Straight Talk! video, sponsored by Spartan Chemical, to learn how these four disinfection myths affect you and your company or organization, and how to hone your technical expertise with knowledge and science. Schauff explains the myths and misinterpretations related to cleaning and disinfection and sets the record straight on what you need to know right now and in the future.

This episode of Straight Talk! is brought to you by Spartan Chemical.

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