National Cleaning Week to Elevate and Celebrate the Cleaning Industry

February 23, 2021 National Cleaning Week to Elevate and Celebrate the Cleaning Industry

ISSA is gearing up for National Cleaning Week, a week-long event designed to change the way the world views cleaning. Taking place March 28 – April 3, 2021, National Cleaning Week is offering countless ways for industry professionals to celebrate the value of clean, recognize front-line essential workers, explore training opportunities, support charitable causes, and more. ISSA also invites everyone in the industry to attend the Virtual Clean Advocacy Summit, March 30-31, 2021.

“National Cleaning Week is a time to recognize the ongoing efforts of frontline cleaning professionals, provide essential workers with opportunities for growth, advocate for our industry, and support ISSA Charities efforts,” said ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “Whether you’re new to the industry or have been a part of it for years, we hope you will join us and help push the industry forward at a time when it is needed most.”

  • Advocacy: The Virtual Clean Advocacy Summit is a two-day event that brings together manufacturers, distributors, building service contractors, and residential cleaners to learn about public policy issues affecting the industry, like the Clean Start Tax Credit. The industry is essential in the fight against COVID-19 and the Summit will provide guidance on how to engage with elected officials and become an Advocate for Clean.
  • Education: From certification through ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute to a vast catalog of educational courses, ISSA offers a wide range of training opportunities. With new information frequently emerging during the pandemic, it is imperative that industry members have access to expert knowledge and can further professionalize their organizations and their staff through certification.
  • Charity: ISSA Charities™, which encompasses Cleaning for a Reason, ISSA Hygieia Network, and ISSA Scholars, needs support to continue making the world a cleaner, healthier, better place to live. National Cleaning Week is an ideal time for everyone to consider ways they can contribute to charities that have a positive impact on the industry and beyond.

“The pandemic has presented many challenges for our industry and for the people who rely on cleaning expertise, products, and services,” added Barrett. “We are excited to take a moment to celebrate just how far the industry has come in the last year and to envision where the next year will take us.”

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