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Protecting Public Health
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ISSA Public Health Mission
ISSA’s long-range mission is to develop a series of universal, science-based standards that define and measure “clean” from a public health perspective. Such “clean standards” will ensure that you are assured healthy and sanitary conditions whether you are in a school, hospital, or any other building.
Student Health Initiative
ISSA and its research partner, the Cleaning Industry Research Institute, believe a natural starting point for creating a series of science-based cleaning standards, are educational facilities where the results not only impact childrens’ health, but also their abilities to learn.

The association, therefore, has entered into an agreement to fund a three-year research project aimed at developing a science-based standard of "clean" that will apply specifically to K-12 schools and other educational institutions.  Such standard will provide schools with a cleanliness benchmark and reliable measurement methodologies and will allow them to declare that a facility is in a sanitary condition that is conducive to the health of students, teachers and administrators.  See latest updates on the research.
Tell us
who to contact at your local school system to get them involved in ISSA’s K-12 cleaning standard initiative.
Cleaning's Impact on Students
ISSA, and its alliance partner APPA (the higher education facility management association), have released the results of a multi-year study focusing on North American colleges and universities that identifies student perception of how much cleaning impacts their ability to study and learn. Contact ISSA to receive a copy of the study results.
State Green Cleaning Policies & Regulations
ISSA continues to work closely with various state governments to write, enact and implement policies and regulations that stress the need to "clean for health" in schools, while minimizing the overall impact on the environment.
One such example is ISSA's work with the Illinois Lt. Governor’s Office and the Healthy Schools Campaign to effectively enact the Illinois Green Cleaning Schools Act.  ISSA has also worked with state lawmakers and regulators in Connecticut, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, and other states to develop guidelines for green cleaning in schools.
Green cleaning is the practice of cleaning for health, including the use of products and techniques that have a preferred environmental and safety and health profile. For more information contact Bill Balek, ISSA Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs.